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Intro post from a french Old Shooler!

I'm so glad to have find this community!

Name: Hydrangea / Pandora

Age: 24 :(

Website/blog/gallery: Tumblr

How long have you been interested in Lolita? 8 years... WOW.

What was your first Lolita piece?

A skirt I made myself. It would still be one of my favourite if it didn't get lost in a package I sent to myself because I had no more room in my suitcase after a trip to my grandma's house ç_ç. My first brand piece was a Baby the stars shine bright Camisole, from the wizard of oz collection in 2006/2007 don't really remember the exact year this collection showed up.

What was your first dream dress, and did you ever manage to get ahold of it?

Certainly it was the first baby cinderella print op in black, because of that girl: click it. I never managed to get it though. I don't think my bust will ever fit in it anyway.

What makes you like Old School Lolita?

Everything. It was the fashion I fell in love with. I loved it's quirckyness, those huge chunky platforms, the maid like aprons, the simple hair (hime cut, pigtails), the cute feeling while still being creepy (I always prefered Gothic Lolita :p)... I love the fashion as a whole, even with its flaws. I really don't like the actual "Barbie" look, i prefer the natural doll look. I also love the use of small motives like crosses or crowns.  And lifestyle wise, I like the fact that handmade was a big part of the fashion, and how being a lifestyler was necessary to be a "good" lolita. I also miss the fact that ero lolita was a big part of the gothic trend. Lolitas are now way to prude (at least in France...). Lolita is about being modest, but modesty is also a way to seduce, in a kind of twisted "I didn't mean to do it" way. When I see old snaps, I can clearly feel this from several lolitas.

What about Old School Lolita do you wish would stay in the past forever?

Really, nothing. I wish people didn't draw Lolita to such high fashion standards. Wearing black shoes with "shiro" outfits is OK. Wearing no petticoat or a small one is ok. Raschel Lace can be pretty (and it doesnt get all frumpy once it's washed like cotton lace). I wish it could be that way again. So, no, to me nothing should remain in the past.

What are your favorite memories from Lolita times past?
I'm kind of a loner, and I loved to be the only "Lolita" in my area. I miss running through avant gauche, and an italian website "gothic lolita" from trashqueen if I remembre well. I remember when my local anime store recieved a GLB, and this day was one of the most fabulous loliday I've ever passed, being all itatastic with my GLB in a tea room. I loved drawing dresses and accessories I would like to own for hours. I loved being a lonely lolita longing to have at least one lolita friend. These are my favourite "old school memories".



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Apr. 27th, 2011 07:10 pm (UTC)
Wearing black shoes with "shiro" outfits is OK. Wearing no petticoat or a small one is ok.

You're so right.
Jun. 28th, 2011 05:54 pm (UTC)
I completely agree that Lolita's today are way too prude. To me Lolita is about LOOKING childish not BEING childish.
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