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oldschoollolita's Journal

Through the Looking Glass
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Old School Lolita, a time when mary janes were 5 inches tall and headdresses were extra ruffly
Just a little place for us old timers to reminisce about the old days of Lolita. You don't have to be an old timer yourself, but you should have an appreciation for the Old School Lolita style.

Community Rules
1. Sales posts are allowed, but they must fit the old school aesthetic and be well made. Please don't try to sell your Cherry Berry Bunny here!
2. Intro posts are A-Ok as well! We would love to know who you are and how long you've been wearing the frills.
3. Please keep your images behind a cut if they are too large or you're posting more than one.
4. Be nice! This community is for those of us who think patent leather platforms are fantastic shoes and big ruffly headdresses are just lovely, the rest of the Lolita's already think we're tacky old fogeys so try not to bring any unneeded drama to the community.
5. Unless everyone on here is very much against it, I'm going to say that posts that aren't exactly on topic are A-Ok. There was talk about making a community just for people who have been in the fashion a long time, not necessarily a strictly old school appreciation community, and if you want to make a post that you think other people who have been wearing Lolita for the better half of a decade would be interested in, go ahead so long as you don't abuse this rule and start spamming the community with personal things or shameless self-promotion.