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Leaving lolita sale *sigh*

Hi, i've been into the fashion for years but havent bought anything new in the past two years and now i found that half my wardrobe is just old-school, maybe casual, defo more on the gothic side anyway... so i'm trying to save some space by selling most of it.

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DS: Versatile Oldschool Metamorphose dress

I am selling my very versatile old school metamorphose dress, Even tho I love this dress to pieces it is time for me to part with it. The price is negotiable and a quick payment is preferable I found myself a dream dress of mine I need to reserve quickly!

my egl sales post with all the details


Hello everyone. I had found some images of old school lolita and fell in love with it. My dream dress is the rerelease of the elizabeth op by baby in navy. Since all i want to do is wear it and drown in its insane amount of lace. On the sales comm i'm trying to sell my wonder cookie skirt so i can get some anna house. Which is a great place for old school. I'm 19 years old and i go to a community college in a nearby city. I also like to think that i am a lifestyle lolita. I don't have much to say other then that, but i hope this community comes more active.

Picture request?

 I was wondering if anyone has or knows where I can find a larger version of the picture of the girl in the white?
If anyone could help that would be awesome

Also I made an old school lolita tumblr. Im currently scanning old gothic lolita bible pages and uploading them. Its going to be links, pictures, music, articles, movies anything. Its open to public submission if anyone wants to post something to it :)
I hope this post is ok. if its not I will delete/fix it!

Thanks for the help!


hey, old schoolers! :D

I'm Lauren; I got into lolita probably when I was about 15 years old? I don't remember exactly...but I was only able to start dressing it when I was 17 and bought my first dresses from In The Starlight. I miss her a lot, she did a great job at making my designs!

I love classic lolita especially, but I guess the style I wear the most is old school sweet lolita, when pastels and princess life were a new concept from the creepy doll origins of lolita.

really, I just miss the open-endedness I feel like lolita used to have. it might be nostalgia creeping in, but it seems like the online community has become a bit restricted and drama filled since I stopped paying attention to the 'scene' about 5 years ago. and what I mean by open-endedness is that as long as one fit the lolita silhouette, you could run with it from there.

I realized just how much lolita had changed when about a month ago I found the Avant Gauche website again. it was probably one of the first lolita image galleries I'd ever stumbled across online and it hasn't changed since then. a lot of memories in those pictures. I posted quite a few on Tumblr to share my nostalgia and because I thought it was interesting just how much it had really changed!

there are some things about old school that should stay dead, but I think it's a great source of cool ideas that went by the wayside that can be revived to great effect! I plan to adopt the bloomers peeking out of skirts thing, that's for sure!


Intro of a headdress-loving-girl

Hello, all.
I'm a 20-yr-old gothic lolita from the US. I'm not an oldtimer at all, but there are elements of oldschool that I adore. Seriously, I think there are few things prettier than a really fancy headdress or a pair of wristcuffs, so I'm very happy this community exists! My favorite 'color scheme' in lolita is kuro, but my kuro gothic incorporates a few elements from the oldschool b x w look. And I sew my lolita, so I guess I do things the oldschool way? XD ^-^ Anyway, pleased to meet you!

*huggles headdress*


Intro Post: Sam

Hi all! I am Sam, a french 18 year old lolita. I like not far from Paris, just next to Disneyland. I'm not a bug fan of communities but I just HAD TO join this one and post, since I like old school so much! Btssb is my favorite brand ever, and old school by Btssb is my inspiration in the fashion. I used to wear non-lolita items with lolita and create new styles, as cowboy lolita but I think that lolita should stay simple as before. I don't have a lot of clothes but now, I try to get basics.

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I found this in an old volume of Fruits!

A while ago I was digging through the old Fruits volumes for a post on my blog about the old school style and I found this picture. I never got the chance to include it in my blog post, but it seems like a shame to hide it away on my hard drive! I can't read Japanese so I don't exactly know what it says (anyone want to translate ;)?) but it looks like a little "anatomy of a Lolita" doodle.
This is from Fruits volume 37, so this is from August of 2000! I love this and it's such a perfect example of what Lolita was back then XD The plaid skirt, the buttoned up cardigan with the giant peter pan collar sticking out, the not-quite-knee socks, the tied-under-the-chin headdress, the completely unstyled hair XD